PEGA Wi Wireless Sensor Bar
Manufacturer: PEGA
Site: Buy from Brando
Price: $17.00

Overview : Complaining the Wii sensor bar cable too short? No Problem!

This Wii wireless sensor bar makes you have freedom to locate the bar. It is a easy solution for those Projector type users.

  • LED indicator and ON/OFF switch
  • Easy to install
  • ideal range 3-8 feet
  • 2 x AA Batteries is required (NOT included)

Quality/Usability : PEGA has entered the wireless sensor bar market for the Nintendo Wii (is there anything they cant do?!).

The front of the wireless sensor bar are three LEDs. One on each side to interact with the Wiimote and one in the middle. The one in the middle is a green LED. This lets you know hen the wireless sensor bar is on. On the back of the wireless sensor bar is a ON/OFF switch. This lets you turn on and off the wireless sensor bar. On the bottom is a small compartment to insert your 2 AA batteries (not included).

Although the specified ideal range to use the wireless sensor bar is 3-8 feet, you can use it as far as 13 feet. The distance is a little shorter than all the other wireless sensor bars that we have reviewed. The average distance is usually 15 feet. So the PEGA wireless sensor bar falls a little short when compared to other wireless sensor bars on the market but the distance is ideally 5-10 feet, so anyone who uses this should be fine with the wireless sensor bar.

On 2 AA batteries, the wireless sensor bar lasts for about 15-20 hours before the batteries will need to be recharged or changed (depending on what type of battery you are using).

Conclusion : Overall, the PEGA Wii Wireless Sensor Bar works fairly well but falls short when compared to other wireless sensor bars on the market. The furthest distance before the sensor got a bit funky was at 13 feet. Battery life was fairly decent, lasting about 15-20 hours. The price of $17 seems a little high while the Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar retails for $19.99-21.95.

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