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Thread: Will this work with my setup???

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    Default Will this work with my setup???

    I just found my dreamcast web browser disc, and have decided i wanted to try it out as ive never used it. I was wondering if i could set it up with my current internet setup.

    PC>Motorola modem>motorola vonage modem>Belkin54g router>select game system(ps2, xbox etc)

    the motorola vonage modem has two "dial up ports" in it that hook to my phone. if i pluged the dc up to it would it work or me?? also its not only that i really need help configuring it please help!

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    What browser disc are you using? I would recommend send an email to Sega Europe and order Dreamkey 3.0

    You can do a PC-DC connection, but it's very hard using Windows 2000 or XP. You should use WIndows 98 and read this guide:

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    I have 2.0 and yea Ill request for one later, but so is the answer no with my current setup?

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    k i hooked up an old PC i had layin around and it had windows 98!! so ill attempt pc-dc later on today.

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    1 question tho do i have to have a real dial-up connection for this to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by primeTIIMEballer View Post
    1 question tho do i have to have a real dial-up connection for this to work?
    You can use the broadband from your computer. The Dreamcast will get dialup speed.

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    okay i think i have all of it pretty much figured out but im still unsure about something, I see that they want you to plug your dial up internet cord into the dc, and the wall, wait a lil bit, then plug it in PC, the only port i see on my pc is the one the cat5 is plugged into. Do i just use that port?

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