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Thread: Retexturing tutorial: Part 1. Configuring the emulator.

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    Default Retexturing tutorial: Part 1. Configuring the emulator.

    Ok, so I really enjoy re-texturing n64 games and bringing them back to life again. I think that everyone with artistic skills or someone in the learning should give it a try.

    When we retexture a game, we are replacing the original texture (graphics of a game) with new ones. When a texture is replaced, we call it re-textured.

    Here's what you will need:

    *N64 emulator, only project 64 or 1964 will work.

    *A n64 rom that you will retexture. note that not all games are compatible with the emulator.
    (sorry I cant provide you with a source for roms or illegal copyrighted materials)

    *The correct plugins for your emulator.
    You will need ricevideo plugin (I will explain it later)

    *An image editor. I use Adobe Photoshop, but you can use other things. If you want something free, then I recommend Gimp

    *Last thing you will need is common sense.

    Lets get started.

    1. Pick an emulator. I use project 64.

    2. You need to put the proper plugins. When you have the plugins, put the file "RiceVideo.dll" in the emulators plugin folder. (am I getting confusing?)
    The emulator's plugin folder is located like this program files>project64.16>plugins

    When you download the plugin, it should also come
    with a file named "BMGLib.dll". Put that in the emulators directory folder
    program files>project64.16.

    3. Configuring your plugins for project 64.

    Open up pj64. Go to options then setting.
    Were it says "Video graphics] plugin" you should be able to change it to Rice's Video plugin" if you put the materials in the correct places.
    Now still in the settings, go to the options tab and make sure "Hide advance settings" is not checked.
    When everything is done correctly, click ok.

    No go to options and open up "configure graphics plugin". Click on the "texture filter" tab. Then put a check mark on "Load Hi-res textures if available".

    Close the emulator and open it again.

    Congratulations, if you have successfully opened the emulator without any errors, then your emulator is configured and ready to go.

    If you do have errors, post them and I will try to help you. Also try looking back and make sure that you did not miss anything.

    Retexturing Tutorial. Part 2:
    Dumping and replacing textures tutorial comming soon.


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    Cool, i cant wait for part two !!

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    wheres the directory folder i cant find it

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    wheres the directory folder i cant find it
    It depends. The directory is in the folder you installed the emulator in.

    Usually its in
    c:/>program files>project64

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    We have setup a nice collaborative site @ that hosts discussions, plugins, and retexture packs for the n64.

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