Sorry YKB if you were going to post this later, but this one has my favorite game (and I'm impatient waiting for you to post it)

1997: After Star Wing failed miserably (the European version of Star Fox), Nintendo decides to release Star Fox 64 under the name Lylat War. Because that sounds so MUCH better. Apparently, a company named Star Vox prevents a more normal/successful titling of the series in the area. Looking at the box is like being trapped in a bad episode of Sliders.

1998: The Big Network launches—it's an online gaming site that offers multiple family gaming channels. And it's a really Big Deal.

1997: Lylat Wars was the first game I had for my Nintendo 64, I remember opening the big chunky box and there was a big cardboard inner box which contained the cartridge and the RumblePak and the manual was the same size as the box. This was one of the best games that came out on the Nintendo 64, as it contained the one thing you needed for almost every other game the "RumblePak"