Tommo Inc. has responded to SNK Playmore's recent termination of its licensing and distribution agreement over the Neo Geo X Gold retrogaming console, claiming that no breach of contract took place. Tommo will continue selling the Neo Geo X handheld unit, its companion plug-and-play console, and all related accessories at retail.

Noting that the two companies recently extended their licensing agreement through 2016, Tommo now demands SNK to "retract its press release and any attempts to terminate the license agreement." Though SNK advised customers to contact retail sources for Neo Geo X Gold returns and exchanges, Tommo announced that it will continue to provide customer service and warranty support for the unit and its games.

Debuting late last year, the Neo Geo X Gold is a portable console and plug-and-play unit that includes several games originally released for SNK's 16-bit Neo Geo system. Tommo followed up the console's launch with five additional game pack releases, expanding the system's library to more than 30 games.