Grand Theft Auto V will be released on PC next year, according to a new report.
Eurogamer claims to have word from “multiple sources” that the game will be released some time in Q1 2014 – meaning between January and March.
There’s certainly a hunger for a PC version, with a petition demanding its release now just a few thousand signatures shy of 600,000.
The closest Rockstar has come to acknowledging any release beyond PS3 and Xbox 360 so far is a statement from Rockstar North president Leslie Benzie in August in which the developer stated that the studio would “get the current-gen version out first and see what happens in the future”.
In the same month Nvidia's senior director of investor relations Chris Evenden seemed to name-drop the game, although the PC specialist was quick to dismiss the statement.
Intel’s notebook marketing boss Chris Silva earlier this week claimed that “somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive” to consoles.