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Thread: Robots of Kill (+ All the Same)

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    psp Robots of Kill (+ All the Same)

    Heres an entry into the GBAX Coding Comp 2007.

    Release from Ville Helin, Jyri Luukkonen, Oskari Raunio, Jukka Rajaniemi, Lauri Rauhanen

    Robots of Kill is a small RTS for 2-4 players. It's built upon All the Same, yet another multiplatform game framework that is also submitted to the GBAX2007 competition as a part of Robots of Kill.

    Download Here

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    hmm sounds intersting why dont people evr post screens?

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    Default Incomplete but looks promising...

    OK, I tried the test mode for this game,a nd must say that I thought the graphics in this game were well done. Being able to change the perspective and look at what the robots are doing in 3D is pretty nice. I thought the 3D models were pretty good too.

    In the test mode there was not much to do besides look around, and I could not figure out how to take control of any of the robots. Is this game actually playable yet? Ah well, keep working on it and it will be a very fun game indeed when it is complete.

    Oh, and PLEASE create a 1 player mode if possible, this game also has potential in that area.

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