When Mad Catz made pre-orders for its M.O.J.O. Android gaming console live, it did so with a curious bit about support for PC streaming. But any mention was quickly removed from the site and, when contacted for comment, the company remained silent. Now, however, Mad Catz has confirmed to Engadget that, yes, the M.O.J.O. willallow users to stream PC games to their TVs and the ability will be enabled via a software update "available shortly after launch." We've also received final specs for the micro-console which you can find after the break, although it all falls in line with what's been reported previously, so don't expect any new revelations. Does the addition of PC streaming -- a feature included in NVIDIA's Shield and planned for Valve's planned Steam Machines -- make the $250 M.O.J.O. a more attractive holiday purchase? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.