via Games Industry

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead believes Nintendo will have difficulty breaking down the psychological barrier that separates veteran gamers from novice gamers following Satoru Iwata's comments to that effect yesterday.

"That's a tough one. I don't know that that's a solvable problem," he told at E3. "Because I think that the thing is, is that your tastes change from a novice gamer to a veteran gamer or a hardcore gamer."

"When you first get in and play a type of game, everything is new and a challenge, but as you get experience you want different and greater challenges, which necessarily make a game hard to approach as a novice gamer."

Iwata's point had been that, having broadened the market for its consoles and their games, now was the time to bring the different groups within the audience together in a way that satisfies all of them.