PsyKo has updated CTR, a small PC utility designed to read and display basic info from Nintendo DS, DSi and Nintendo 3DS ROM dumps. Seems we missed version 1.1 so the changelog below contains the changes for both 1.1 and 1.2.


- New "Maker Codes" added again!
- 3DS Firmware textbox now only displays the first three numbers of the firmware
- adding support for some old System Title IDs (v2088, v3078) only available offline from cartridges like SM3DL or RE:R.

- New "Maker Codes" added, some older ones edited
- System title ID/version and 3DS firmware req. info are now displayed for 3DS ROMs
- Supports 3DS firmware up to 6.3.0-12
- Fix a display bug in "Plain region"
- Fix a bug in NDS Extended header check which was giving bad results in v1.0
- NDS/3DS "Plain region" textboxes are now read-only, users can't delete info in them
- Beta tabs no more exist, "Tools" tab replace them
- New features added:
~ Trim : Removes 3DS ROM final padding
~ Un-trim : restores 3DS ROM final padding
~ RIP update : trims your ROM and deletes its update partition

+ Notes:
- Trimmed and ripped ROMs are both working on the Gateway flashcard (tested with launcher v1.1)
- Since every one got its own way to trim ROMs, we can just advise you to only un-trim your 3DS ROMs
with this tool if they were trimmed by CTR.
- If you are using RIP update, remember that the update partition will be deleted permanently and can't be restored.