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Thread: Hexaxis Update#8 Sneak#2

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlitx View Post
    looks nice but what is it exactly?
    this is the new menu for homebrew puzzle game, HexAxis =p
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the positive feedback, I'm glad I haven't really ever gotten any negativeness from people yet. Its coming along real nicely, I'm cleaning up a crap load of odd bugs, and making squeaky clean transitions pretty much everywhere. There are a couple hard edges, and I was hoping to release it today, I just hate making a major release when there are noticable bugs. On a positive note the zip size is now less than the last update and I added main menu music and another 2 levels. I should note however that I did take out Hippie Tie Die (until I can get it a bit clearer on the PSP similar to the PC counterpart)

    Thanks again for the great feedback.

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