Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum, so first of all thank you for all the tips and information I've found here, thanks to you my PSP went from gimp to pimp in 2 days.

And thanks to deniska, in7ane and MIB.42 for all your work, mucho appriciated. :thumbup:

Anyway, here's my problem:
I live in Sweden and I'm looking to buy a car stand for my PSP now that my GPS is working.

I've looked at the arkon line-up but I can't find a retailer that ships them to Sweden. We do however have the "Cobra" here.

But when I look at screenshots of the Cobra on the forum
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and compare it to the product for sale here:

It doesn't seem to be the same model. Are there different types of "Cobras" and if so, what are the model names? If anyone could clear this up for my I'd really appriciate it.

Oh and just to let you know (in case anyone from Sweden is reading this) I'm running firmware 3.40OE with a Holux 240 and it's working great, tested it from Karlstad to Bollnäs (basically across mid-Sweden) with constant fix on multiple satellites, so no worries there.

Also, if anyone knows a good retailer that has any PSP car stand and ships to or in Sweden reasonably fast that'd be great info as well.