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Thread: PS3 60GB doesn't represent a price drop, it's a clearance sale

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    ps3 PS3 60GB doesn't represent a price drop, it's a clearance sale

    via joystiq

    Anger, frustration, confusion, denial, shock ... these are all words that can be used to describe the emotional state felt by the gamer community after Sony went from officially announcing a price drop on Monday, to essentially making it all a moot point by Friday because the 60GB is being discontinued. The mainstream media still hasn't picked up on the story and we haven't seen anything from the Associated Press yet. You know, this may be considered a price drop, but the real phrase is "clearance sale."

    That's what it is. We'll be right back to the price we started with in a few months, only with some "added value" thrown in (with a little something taken away). Is going back to the old price worth it to consumers for an extra 20GB and Motorstorm? Is that what Sony executives really think is going to move units at the magical $599 price? Of course, there is also the possibility that once the 60GB units sell out, the 80GB model will drop down to that price after Sony squeezes a little bit more cash out of having a premium model. If the 80GB takes the place of the 60GB the moment stock runs out, there will still be a PS3 model at the new $499 price.

    As the story played out on Friday, there were many people at E3 scrambling to get what the real story was and comparing notes on the madness we had heard the night before. Most conversations regarding the subject started with, "There's no way it could be true." But here we are -- if the 80GB model doesn't receive a similar price drop, we'll be stuck with a new package for the PS3 at the old price of $599.

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    Sony probably pay less money for the 80gb drives than the 60gb ones. I reckon the 80gb drive is more in demand at the moment than the 60gb one - not just for PS3s but for laptops and other devices. This means that manufacturers have ramped up their production of the 80gb drive and reduced production of the 60gb one. Therefore they can offer the 80gb one for less money due to the savings associated with the volume of manufacture - i.e. "economies of scale".

    Why else would Sony be switching over to 80gb from 60gb? It's a heck of a lot of effort for them to just offer an extra 20gb.

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    If they made a 120gb it would be a plus side. They are discontinuing a machine for 20gb? Pathetic.
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    This news really pisses me off. But I suppose it can't be all that bad. Really a price cut would have been a better idea for the Holiday season.

    A 150 dollar price cut on the 80gb PS3 by Christmas would certainly skyrocket sales, just as the 'price cut' of the 60gb did for the past few weeks.

    But considering Sony is taking us all for fools, I doubt we are going to get a price cut during Christmas. While it would be a good business strategy, Sony rarely uses their heads.

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    "Anger, frustration, confusion, denial, shock ..." what all over 20GB isn’t that a bit extreme!! All I can see happening is brag-a-lots being upset that they can’t go around screaming that they’ve got the tippy top of the line...well boohoo!! the same happens with ipods and idiots bragin that they’ve got the 80Gb...yea and like three songs!! god get a life!! anyways unless ure a complete noob you should realise that you can change the hard drive for what ever size you like in about 5 minutes!! go on, go get a 250GB and slap it in there if you really want to boast!!

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