Multiplayer titles on Microsoft’s next generation Xbox will be backed up by cloud technology

Xbox One is to have dedicated servers for all multiplayer titles, Microsoft has confirmed.

Speaking to Polygon, a Microsoft representative said the servers are part of Xbox Live Compute – the next-gen console’s cloud service.

Furthermore, Microsoft director of marketing Albert Penello told forum users on NeoGAF that all developers will have dedicated servers, cloud processing and storage for saves.

“If you want to do dedicated servers on other platforms, you have to prop them yourself,” Penello wrote. “But on Xbox One, while developers can choose to use their own methods, we make it available to everyone.”

“We offer Xbox Live Compute to all Xbox One developers for free,” an Xbox rep later confirmed to Polygon.

Microsoft is making a major push towards cloud services for game development. The introduction of Windows Azure, a service to stream social and fully-fledged core games through the OS, is one service that the software maker is using to bring developers over to its platforms.

Earlier this year, Microsoft’s Xbox incubation and prototyping group manager Jeff Henshaw said that cloud technology makes Xbox One at least four times more powerful than its predecessor.