Xbox 360 owners are now able to buy a digital version of Grand Theft Auto V via Xbox Live.
The title appears in the Games On Demand section and costs £49.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US.
The big question, however, is whether the game will suffer from the same technical issues that plagued the digital version available on PSN.
Shortly after the release of GTA V in September reports arrived suggesting that the PSN version suffered from the same technical issues that were plaguing users who chose to install both discs of the physical Xbox 360 game on their HDD contrary to Rockstar’s recommendations.
The problem was believed to stem from the title being designed to stream information simultaneously from both the disc and HDD. Installing both discs effectively limited the bandwidth through which the game could load assets.
By not having access to a disc, the PSN release was thought to suffer for the same reason. And logic dictates that this won’t be any different for the XBL digital version.
Rockstar has never officially acknowledged the issue and it should be noted that reports from users varied from those claiming to witness significant performance issues to those saying they were experiencing no problems whatsoever.