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Thread: PSPLock V2! *UPDATE*

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    psp PSPLock V2! *UPDATE*

    News/release from Auraomega

    I spent most of yesterday looking at what updates people wanted on this and, I've finally just finished putting on some of the more popular things that people wanted.

    A quick changelog (more in-depth in the readme).
    Added config file (optional)
    Allowed text to be output on screen (optional)
    Allowed manual input (optional)
    Can be disabled
    Removed a nasty bug that stopped it working for a couple of people

    This is tried and tested on 3.40OE-A as I upgraded and it works fine.

    Installation is the same as before, with the exception you can now add the config file too.

    Check the readme for help on the config file, and to see what I'm planning on doing for the next version.

    Anyway, if anyone has any good ideas, or any problems, just contact me, same was as before.

    The only update to this is that now I have added a lock.lock file, and a config.lock file, as some people were having problems making these files. To edit just open both files in a pure text reader, such as notepad, and edit from there


    Note: Using this does mean that cxmb and any (by the looks of things) any other plugin designed to allow custom XMB via the memory card does not work. I've been looking into the cause, so I've been keeping this back.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via Auraomega

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    kl this is a better redme file in this it is now as i call it in ENGISH lol any way kl app

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