If you thought the Year of Luigi had already delivered plenty enough of the viridescent plumber, think again. Nintendo looks set to make the first 2DSvariant a Luigi one, going by images of a white-and-green system sent by an anonymous tipster to Kotaku.

Nintendo hasn't announced any special editions of its brand new handheld, but the company is rather fond of/addicted to bestowing its systems with tons of different liveries. After all, the House of Mario Luigi has a polka-plumber version of the 3DS that's already out in Japan and now on its way to Europe.

Nintendo released the 2DS earlier this month, giving holiday buyers the option to pick up a cheaper, 3D-less version of the ever-popular 3DS. The smaller, hinge-less handheld is available for $130 in the US, while some British retailers have already chopped 10 off its suggested UK tag of 110 (around $178).