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When Sony Online Entertainment announced its action-heavy MMO The Agency and revealed it's in development for PC and PS3, we wouldn't have berated you for assuming it'll support cross-platform play. It seems an obvious feature, after all.

But SOE made no mention of whether such will be included either way, and it's emerged that the feature is a maybe, and still being considered by the developer.

"We're evaluating this [cross-platform support]", The Agency's lead designer Hal Milton has told CVG in an interview to be published shortly. "However, we're not prepared to make a statement at this time."

Obviously with The Agency's strong action theme SOE has to be certain it can achieve perfect balance across the PC and PS3 platforms, and also has to be certain it's a feature that will be embraced by players if it's to invest time and money into it. We can but wait and see what it decides.

What do you reckon? Would you play against PC gamers on a PS3 - or vice versa - in The Agency?