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Tragnarion Studios is the latest developer to reveal it's licensed Epic's Unreal Engine, and is employing the technology in a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sci-fi shooter built for co-op play.

The game's called The Scourge Project, and supports four players that form the "technologically advanced" Echo Squad which is battling those dratted aliens. Tragnarion promises that each member of the four-man squad has their own unique story that will unravel as you progress through the game.

"Will your friends fight with you to discover the truth, or betray you to protect it? Beneath the veil of the eclipse, hidden agendas and divided loyalties make anything possible."

Details are thin on the ground currently, but presumably AI will take control of members of the squad if you're Billy No-Mates. We're not convinced about this whole back-stabbing element to the plot either. If each member of the squad is under the control of the player, how will that work? Are we going to have to do a bit of role-playing?

The Scourge Project is due out next year.