News/release from Marce:

This program lets you change your recovery language,it works in all 3.XX OE / M33 firmwares.

Recovery Translator v3 Download
*** Instalation ***

To install the program in your psp copy the hole package to you memorystick root.Then,start the program and choose the language you want and press X.

*** Languages ***

- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Portugues
- English (Original)
- Catalan

*** Important ***

-> This software writes in flash,we are not responsable for nothing.

-> This software was succesfully tested in 3.02 Oe/3.03Oe/3.10Oe/3.30Oe/3.40Oe/3.51M33/3.52M33 (Works fine in these)

-> After installing the package in the root of the memorystick dont delete anything or it wont work,after flashing you can delete all.

Thanks to Dark_AleX for the recovery

Download Via Link Above and Give Feedback Via Comments
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