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Thread: NEOCD/SDL DC Beta 3 lite*

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    Default NEOCD/SDL DC Beta 3 lite*

    i was getting a Fatal Error when trying to news post this :-/

    Ian Micheals of IMRtech has posted a new version of NEOCD/SDL DC.

    A CD loading bug has been fix and so many new games should work (including Metal Slug 2)

    WARNING: Do not press the Dpad in game, as they are reserved for saving and sound. Controls in game is analog only.

    Dreamcast port Credits: Ian Michael, Fosters, Troy Davis (GPF)- bugfixes to the timer, and CDrom.c files, BlackAura- translated extract 8 asm function, BlueCrab- helped with z80 makefile output to C, Speud -fsopen routine. :-/

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