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Thread: Dr. Mario cant even cure himself

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    Home/News Dr. Mario cant even cure himself

    A new virus-infected email is doing the rounds, carrying a worm along with its promised cargo of Super Mario Bros.

    The email carries the Romario-A virus, and does actually launch a version of Mario Bros. It's one of a new breed of virus-carrying emails which run games to disguise the fact that they're up to no good. The Gonori-A trojan, for example, plays Minesweeper.

    Romario-A doesn't seem to be terribly widespread just yet, perhaps because there are about eight million better ways to play Super Mario Bros, or perhaps because the body of the email, "Hi There, Do You Like Mario Bross ? Test it, and you'll like it ;] !".

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    It's a good thing I don't read my emails, and when I do I don't trust the contents and send most to my JUNK folder to be permanently blocked

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