Winter Wolves, developers of several award-winning dating sims and roleplay games, has announced the release of "Nicole", a otome life / dating simulation game.

Nicole is thrilled that she managed to get into her first choice school and is looking forward to experiencing college life there. However, as soon as she moves into the university dorms, she finds out that there’s been a series of mysterious disappearances going on around the campus! So far, three girls have already gone missing and Nicole could be next if she’s not too careful – not quite the ideal college experience Nicole had in mind.

Nicole is a dating sim that revolves around your day-to-day life as a college student. You can take up part-time jobs to earn money, explore various locations, do recreational and extra-curricular activities, and meet intriguing characters like Darren, Kurt, Jeff and Ted. You might even get to date the culprit!

Choose which actions to perform each day with a simple and intuitive interface. Improve Nicole's skills and keep her morale and energy well balanced, otherwise she won't be able to perform well in her daily activities.

Nicole is the perfect game to play for Halloween for all audiences, mixing funny situations and dialogues with spooky scenes, but without unnecessary graphical violence or blood.

The game is available for PC, Mac and Linux: the free demo is available for everyone at Registration is only US$19.99, and may be handled online from the company's web site.