Ubisoft has no current plans to bring Sony-exclusive Assassin's Creed 4 DLC content to other platforms, despite a specfied six-month exclusivity period.
While promotional material for the DLC points to a six-month timed-exclusive for the PS3 and PS4 DLC content, Ubisoft has confirmed withJoystiq that it won't release for other platforms.
"I can confirm that at the current stage the PS exclusive DLC isn't planned for Xbox 360/Xbox One," a Ubisoft representative said.
The DLC content provides an extra hour to the main story campaign and is centered around Assassin's Creed: Liberation protagonist Aveline.
The confirmation follows reports last week that the DLC was a timed exclusive on Sony platforms. Promotional material stipulated that the content was exclusive to PS3 and PS4 for six months only.
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