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This PSP Content Manager is a handy PSP content management software.
You can use it to preview and manage PSP content stored on memory stick
or on PC's harddisk with same folder structure used on memory stick.

File management, item sort, hombrew edit/installation, MP4 title modifying,
MP3/WMA/ATRAC tag edit and more are implemented features of this single application.



+ Support Custom Firmware
CFW name & folder can be set by right-click menu -> "Custom Firmware Setting".
+ Support Folder: ms0:\MUSIC,ms0:\VIDEO,ms0 :\PICTURE,ms0:\DCIM
+ Support Large Size PS Game PBP
+ Support More File Extensions
.avc & .ppa for PMP;
.umv for UMD video ISO;
+ UMD ISO List Enhancement
Use right-click menu to browse any folder;
Drag & drop a single UMD ISO file(.iso,.umv,.cso,.rar) onto the list will open preview window for it.
+ Other UI Enhancements
Tab buttons can be showed/hidden by right-click menu or by main menu->"View"->"Tab Page".
Tab buttons can be resized by drag & drop.
+ Fix CSO File Reading Bug on CD/DVD
- PSPContentManager.log Removed

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