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Thread: See if you have the new Xbox 360 heatsink without voiding the precious warranty

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    xbox 360 See if you have the new Xbox 360 heatsink without voiding the precious warranty

    Or as I call it “DIY Xbox 360 Endoscopy”.

    Click below for the rest of the amazingly difficult steps.

    The lens should “focus around” all the small holes. Be sure to use a flash so it lights up the inside.

    As you can see my XBox 360 Core, purchased in June with a build date on the faceplate of 11/07 does not have the new heat sink since we can see straight through to the side of the DVD player. Darn. Good thing I kept the receipt.

    So now everyone can check their new Elites, Premiums and Cores to see if and when the new heat sinks started showing up in units. You can find a manufacture date behind the not-voiding-to-remove faceplate, which of course is just the date of the faceplate but should give some indication.

    What the new extended GPU heat sink (left) will look like in comparision to the standard CPU heat sink.

    Source: BenHeck
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    How does it look like if you do have the heatsink?

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