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Thread: Review: XCM II-Hot Rock Case

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    Rev Review: XCM II-Hot Rock Case

    XCM II-Hot Rock Case
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from ConsoleSource
    Price: $64.95

    Overview : The XCM II-Hot Rock Wii Case is a new innovation in case modding technology. With a built in Digital LED thermometer, the XCM II-Hot Rock Wii Case is able to alert the user by changing the LED color when the Wii console reaches certain temperatures. Color changes takes place in 5 degree increments. For example, if your Wii console's temperature reaches over 55 degree Celsius, the LED will display 'RED' and start flashing.

    Features :
    • Below 29C : Light blue
    • 30-35C : Blue
    • 36-40C : Green
    • 41-41C : Yellow
    • 46-50C : Orange
    • 50-54C : Red
    • Over 55C : Red light flashing

    Quality/Usability : The II-Hot Rock Case by XCM is similar to that of the Team Xtender II-Case Chameleon but the difference between the two is that the II-Hot Rock Case displays the temperature of the Nintendo Wii but doesnt cycle through the LEDs like the Chameleon case does. Main purpose is to display the Wii's temperature.

    The XCM II-Hot Rock Case includes the console shell, doors, faceplate, buttons and even the rubber feets at the bottom of the Wii which makes up the whole exterior of the Wii. To match the clear crystal case, they also included a clear stand and tools to help you dismantle the Wii! Not a single piece was left out.

    Like all of XCM's products, the quality of the case is excellent and solid. Feels like it came out from Nintendo's factory. The case is clear which allows you to see all the innards of the Wii. The Crystal clear case also comes with a metal DVD cover which houses the LEDs near the DVD drive.

    I wont go much into detail regarding installation as you can find tutorials on how to dismantle or disassemble your Wii, here. The whole installation process took approximately 45 mins. This is not to say that is how long it will take you to assemble everything. I am a perfectionist and anal when it comes to things like this. For some who are pros or better at things like this can be a lot quicker while noobs, novices or perfectionists like me, may take longer. The whole process is just time consuming and tedious. It will require some patience. It took longer than the Black Knight casing was because the metal DVD cover and Air Flow (which also has LEDs) needed to be installed and wires needed to be connected in order to power the LEDs. To install the metal DVD cover and Air Flow, you can read the tutorial here.

    Once installed and the Nintendo Wii put back together, the II-Hot Rock Case is fairly bright like the Crystal Chameleon. Luckily, you have the option of turning if off the LEDs. You also have the option of turning off the LED and the digital LED thermometer. But there is no way to have the LED off but the digital LED thermometer turned on.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM II-Hot Rock Case is a nice product to tell you if your Nintendo Wii's temperature is too hot. With the reports the WiiConnect24 bricking Nintendo Wii's when in standby mode, this would come in handy but doesnt work when the system is turned off. There is also another cheaper do-it-yourself alternative to finding out what the temperature in your Nintendo Wii is but will not be as fancy with the bright lights.


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