DAY OF THE DEAD is the horror film most gamers would like to see made into a mobile or console game, according to a survey by 100% Indie.

The virus outbreak zombie film was selected by over half of respondents in the survey (52%), who felt George Romero’s 1985 original horror would be best suited to a game. It was followed by HALLOWEEN, which gathered 27% of the votes. NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was voted for by 12% of respondents.

100% Indie, which helps indie game developers bring their games to market, has worked on a number of horror and zombie games and carried out the research through an online poll supplemented by qualitative consumer research, to celebrate Halloween.

The company found that Frankenstein’s Monster is seen by most people as the most classic horror monster - Mary Shelley’s 195-year old unfortunate protagonist was chosen by over 70% of respondents as the best classic monster in a horror book or film.

The award for the best horror game franchise, meanwhile, went to DEAD SPACE, which just pipped SILENT HILL as the most popular series of horror titles.
And the best modern day horror villain? Freddy Krueger and Pinhead battle it out for top spot, each receiving 30% of the votes collected. Which would make quite a game in itself.

“Zombies, monsters, villains and vampires provide rich content for gaming and have done for many years,” says Chris Byatte of 100% Indie. “Since ZOMBIE ZOMBIE was released back in 1984, they seem to have captured the imagination of gamers. We’ve seen a great number of monster and zombie games come through the 100% Indie initiative since we started in March - and hope to continue to do so!”