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Thread: Need a product recommendation

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    Default Need a product recommendation

    No, I'm not asking for what kind of flash card to get, I've already got one.

    My problem is, my hands are too big.

    You see, I have a DS lite. It's a small little bugger. I love the console, and I love the games that are on it, but it's just too damn small. It's no problem for games that require the touchscreen, but for games using the D-Pad and the 4 buttons in addition to L and R, I just can't do it. After an hour or two of playing, my thumbs hurt. The joints do. It's because I have to bunch my hands up to fit them around the DS properly.

    So, anyone know of a good solution to this? I was browsing Amazon and found This thing, but I don't know how much it will help (anyone tried it?). It seems like it would be good, as it provides a bit of extra material onto the tiny DS, letting me move my hands into a more comfortable position.

    BTW, I'm the kind of guy who thought that the original xbox (you know, the "ginormipad") was just about right.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Man, you must have some big hands. That device might help give you some added leverage at the very least.
    After a bit of looking, that looks to be one of the better choices.

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