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Thread: Review: PS3 Controller Power Charge Stand

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    ps3 Review: PS3 Controller Power Charge Stand

    PS3 Controller Power Charge Stand
    Manufacturer: Dragonplus
    Site: Buy from Goldenshop
    Price: $7.00

    Overview :

    Features :
    • High quality 3rd party product.
    • Quick charge function with any USB socket - e.g. PSX3, computer, etc...
    • Fully compatible with the PSX3 wireless controller.
    • Easy to fix the controller on to the stand and easy to eject it by pressing the button.
    • 2 Power Charge Stand can be fixed together easily.

    Quality/Usability : The Controller Power Charger Stand charges your PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller. Aesthetically, the stand looks bland and plain. So as long it does its job that's all it matter...but does it?

    The charger stand recharges the SIXAXIS by connecting to any USB port whether it be the PS3 or on your computer/laptop. There is no ON/OFF switch but the moment you plug your SIXAXIS into the stand, it starts charging. Right above the USB plug that inserts into the SIXAXIS is a "mirror" This allows you to see the LED light on the controller. On the top of the charger stand is a button. This button helps push the controller off the stand.

    With the SIXAXIS placed into the charger stand, it takes about 2-3 hours for the controller to be fully charged which allows you approximately 30 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

    Conclusion : Overall, the PS3 Controller Power Charge Stand does its job by recharging the Li-ion batteries on the SIXAXIS. The use of the button to help push the SIXAXIS off the USB plug seems pointless to me as you can easily just pull the controller out. The ability to also attach another PS3 Controller Charge Stand back to back is nice but you'll have to plug the second stand into another USB port.

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