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Thread: 1,62 IE - D hacked

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    Default 1,62 IE - D hacked

    I'm a new developer for PSP.

    I'm italian but I live on Londres (now) .

    From my blog { }
    IE is hacked.
    Install from 1.50. If you have a custom firmware installed of 1.50 (1.53, Harleyg’s custom firmware, other update of IE) and you want use the flasher, it will return to XMB.
    The new feature is when you run a official update of sony from memory stick , the IE will put the IE Updater.pbp to XMB.
     Download it
    My webpage is , for download the new update of 'ie' go to my webpage.


    PD : I have patched of moment one function of IE for add the new feature.

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