New from Play Asia

Unique Gameplay - Manage the strategic aspect of war while simultaneously bombing your foes as an ace fighter pilot.
Strategy - Deploy tanks, soldiers and anti-aircraft vehicles, take over enemy bunkers, rescue civilians, and master special weapons like the bomber and V2 rocket.
Control - Choose to control your aircraft by utilizing the touch screen or use the control pad.
Customization - Unlock terrain and units through the single-player campaign and create your own custom levels.
8 Player Multiplayer - Compete with your friends in the intense Multiplayer Mode which supports up to 8 players simultaneously using Multi-Card play.

Take a seat in the $#@!pit and become an ace pilot in the most intense strategy action game to hit the Nintendo DS™. Manage wartime tactics like deploying units and rescuing civilians simultaneously bombing the enemy from above. Orchestrate paratrooper air-strikes, capture enemy bunkers and master special weapons like the V2 rocket. Multiple game modes allow for a diverse range of play, including a robust single-player campaign, customizable battles, and a multiplayer mode which supports up to 8 players at the same time. Your country is calling, live the glory days and become a war hero!