In a comical new twist on the zombie genre, The Incredible Corpse from Eyes Wide Games, the creators of The Walking Dead Social Game: Chronicles, pits an undead secret agent against alien invaders stealing human brains. This stealth action game for iOS and Android devices will launch at the end of November.

Aliens have invaded and taken all of Earth's brains. What the interstellar invaders didn’t count on was zombies and, more importantly, Earth’s most unlikely hero, the Incredible Corpse. He's on a mission to get the brains back and he’s ready to kick alien ass.

A level-based game that incorporates stealth, action and puzzle gameplay features, The Incredible Corpse travels to locations around the world, tasked with recovering brains, putting a beat down on aliens and blowing up the invaders’ bases. Of course, he gets to snack along the way, but this corpse is more interested in saving humanity than eating them (for now). Players will use the game's touch and draw controls to help the action hero sneak into alien bases, past traps and onto unsuspecting enemies en-route to the human brains.

Gamers that want to help support development of more features in the game can review Eyes Wide Games’ Kickstarter.

Eyes Wide Games’ developers used their experience working on CSI: Crime City, The Walking Dead Social Game: Chronicles and other major brand name titles to come up with a fresh approach to an established genre.

“Everyone at Eyes Wide Games is a pop culture geek and the idea of combining some of our favorite genres: zombies, super heroes, secret agents, aliens and The King was just so deliciously ridiculous an idea that we knew we had to make this game,” Stephen Griffin, CEO, Eyes Wide Games, explains. “Once gamers try The Incredible Corpse, they will want to be super dead too."

Eyes Wide Games plans to release Chapter 1 for free. Chapters 2 – 6 will be available for purchase at $4.99 during launch. Every few months the company will release several new chapters for sale.