Only six per cent of the general population own a wearable device.
Gadgets such as Google Glass, and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear have really caught our eye recently, however apparently not enough to make us whack out our wallets, according to GfK.
The research showed that up to 50 per cent are aware of these products, along with the Sony Smartwatch, Nike Fuelband, Pebble and Fitbit - particularly amongst men and the under 45s.
However ownership of wearable tech is pretty low, with only six per cent of the general public, and only slightly higher for 16-24 year olds at seven per cent being a techy fashionista.
It's not as though no one gives a toss about the new technology. Six in ten of 16-24 year olds find the idea of a smartwatch appealing, and four in ten Google Glass.
However with the Google Glass being priced at between £400 and £600, this could be too expensive for those who may prove to be its biggest market.
Smartwatches in general are priced at around £150 to £200, which - although cheaper - could still prove to be a little too dear for what is currently an inessential device – despite the awesome commercials advertising the products such as the Galaxy Gear.
Johanna Martin of GfK, said: “To get the market moving manufacturers need to communicate tangible lifestyle benefits and offer a sleek design – but even then, any wearable tech device will only succeed if the price is right.”