Version 2.1 of the Goldeneye Setup Editor has been released! It's a level editor for the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter, Goldeneye 007. It was developed by hackers SubDrag, Zoinkity, and Wreck of The Rare Witch Project. Its features include:

Navigate through every level from Goldeneye (including Citadel) visually, to any coordinate
See objects and presets visually
Move, resize, and rotate using the built-in toolbar
Insert, delete, and clone tool for objects and presets
Modify the intro swirl and camera scene positions
Select and edit multiple objects simultaneously
Insert safes and items into safes easily and quickly
View and edit clipping and portals for each level
View, create and modify guard paths visually
Export/Import .obj Room models into Goldeneye for all new levels
Quicksave your ROM by pressing F5 for testing in Project 64
Play levels with the Doctor V64 (and other backup devices)
All of the features from version 1.0, including editing all aspects of a Goldeneye setup file, grabbing coordinates from Project 64, uploading the setup and text file to console through the parallel port and GameShark, text modification, briefing edior, action block modification using Goldeneye's Pseudocode, edit the intro scene, presets, objects, and much, much more

You will, of course, need a Goldeneye ROM for use with the editor (which you will have to find on your own). You can find a more in-depth description of the editor and download links at the official site here:

Additionally, you can play levels other users have created or upload your own at
The Goldeneye Vault.