Update: Microsoft has confirmed the addition of HDMI ports to all newly manufactured Xbox 360 premium consoles. "Yes, we are offering an HDMI port for Xbox 360 simply as another choice in Xbox 360 owners' games and entertainment experience," a Microsoft rep told Shacknews in an e-mailed statement. "Retailers are gradually introducing HDMI-enabled Xbox 360s into the channel to meet demand."

Regarding the possibility of an HDMI output on the $279.99 SKU, the Microsoft rep said, "We have not announced any plans to add HDMI to the Xbox 360 Core System." Microsoft would not reveal whether any other additions had been made to newly available Xbox 360 models, such as the inclusion of a 65nm process. "We are constantly updating the console's more than 1700 internal components and therefore will not comment on details of specific components or manufacturing processes," the rep added.

Original Story: Shacknews community member Magus reported finding an HDMI port on an Xbox 360 premium console he purchased today at a Target store in Atlanta, Georgia. The newly discounted prices for Xbox 360 SKUs went into effect today, with the premium selling for $349.99.

The HDMI output was introduced as a feature of the black Xbox 360 Elite this spring, but Microsoft made no mention of including the feature in upcoming iterations of the premium or core Xbox 360 SKUs. An image of the HDMI-enabled console provided a manufacturing date of July 4, 2007. The documentation included with the console contained an illustration of the HDMI port as well, and referenced the option to use an HDMI cable for video output.

Microsoft has said the upcoming Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition console will include an HDMI port when it is released in September.

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My 360 died on me 2 days ago, I haven't sent it in yet and I hope when I do send it in it will come back with a HDMI port.