Our work is close to completion, but as our users know, we care very much about quality and we won't release our new firmware before it has been tested in depth and approved by our beta-testing team.
Besides better compatibility for the latest roms, we also have in the meanwhile started working on some new features that will surprise and please you all. There are many more good things to come in the future of Gateway 3DS and its users. The Future is Gateway 3DS !

On a side note, there has been a first clone announced under 2 different brand names.

We want to advise people interested in this product that it is a simple clone based on our 1.0 firmware (with all its limitations), with cheap Chinese design and components. It will inevitably fail and brick over time with or without updates as it is using our software which was not designed for their hardware.

By purchasing this device, you face the certainty of an unsupported and dead product before long. Please keep in mind the short life span of such products before going through a purchase, you might end up thinking you have been scammed.

We provide support and innovative features unprecedented by any other team before, and we will continue doing so with firmware updates that everyone can enjoy.

We will be back soon with 2.0 firmware and more exciting news about the future of Gateway 3DS!