Retrohead has released a new homebrew game for the DS, heres the release details:

Since I finished the site, Triforce started pestering me to get making a homebrew game and here is the result of our combined work, Shooting Watch DS 1.0a. There are 5 modes to choose from, 4 skins and we plan to add a ds-scene leader board into it maybe in the future. Other than that I won't say too much here as it is all in the readme file so here is a quote from that to get you started.

I look forward to hearing your comments and we hope you like it as simple as it is. For those interested, I created it in PALib and the full source files are also available below though I havn't cleaned them up in any way shape or form

** About Shooting Watch **

Hudson's idea for Shooting Watch first came about after some kid at the
Caravan tour saw Takahashi Meijin's button pressing skills, the kid sent him
a letter asking exactly how fast his finger speed was. So they measured it
and it came out at 16 shots a second, this is where Meijin's nickname
"16Shot" was born.

** Game Modes **

5 modes in all are featured in Shooting Watch DS to try and resemble the
original modes along with extra modes that are found in flash games found
on the internet. Due to the DS's unique feature of a touch screen, we thought
it would be good to let you navigate and play using the stylus aswell so this
has also been implemented.

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments