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Thread: Show and Tell: Gaming is so delicious

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    Forum Show and Tell: Gaming is so delicious

    via Nintendo DS Fanboy

    The awesome (and yet disturbing) Kirby cake we showed you a few weeks ago inspired reader Ricky to send in his own bit of sugary birthday gaming goodness, and does it ever make our mouths water. His girlfriend put this together for a 20th birthday celebration that we wish had been ours -- and from the care that obviously went into this cake, Ricky's princess is probably not in another castle. We're certain he's found her. It's not just pretty on the outside, either; beneath the super-sweet recreation of a classic gaming screen lie layers of chocolate cake, strawberries, and chocolate mousse. Ricky reports that, while it hurt a little, deep inside, to munch on his beloved Mario, the cake was totally worth it. If only he'd sent us a piece.

    Has someone put together a unique gift for your special day? Are you sitting atop a throne made of NES carts as you read this? Maybe you just own a particularly cool gaming shirt or two, or are proud of how your gaming set-up looks. If you have something you want to show off, snap some pics and send them over to us at showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. We'll take care of the rest.

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    i love that sorta cake and yeah that kirby cake was disturbin

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