The Game Creators have released the first ever BETA version of FPS Creator Reloaded, a revolutionary new game creator for the PC.

Early adopters of the engine are downloading and exploring the exciting features offered by this innovative game creator.

"This is the first significant step towards developing our vision of the ultimate game creator. FPS Creator Reloaded is set to raise the bar and provide the easiest, most flexible and visually stunning way to create and sell your own games. In the coming months and with help from our enthusiastic community we are pioneering an exciting technology." commented Lee Bamber, CEO & lead developer at The Game Creators.

FPS Creator Reloaded is designed to be very easy to use and creating a game environment with the Terrain editor is a whole lot of fun. With one click users can be running around their world in seconds. Their games come alive when they start to add 3D game objects like weapons, ammo, foliage and buildings. With drag and drop controls high quality games come alive before your eyes.

The graphics engine in FPS Creator Reloaded creates amazing visuals with features such as high res texturing, reflections, cascade shadow mapping and self shadowing techniques. Before you know it you've got the making of your own cool shooter that stands up against the big games of today.

"In recent weeks hundreds of users have been pledging and backing the product all eager to be the first to try it out. We're very excited to hear their feedback and there were some amazing game levels on the day we launched." said Rick Vanner, Development Director at The Game Creators.