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Thread: Nintendo 64 News Nearly Here

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    General games Nintendo 64 News Nearly Here

    After all the server problems ive finally got round to starting the Nintendo64 site, over the next week or two ill search for any game editors, homebrew and emulators for the Nintendo 64, Its my desire to make this a great Nintendo 64 site for the future.

    More Soon.

    the new url for this site is

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    YEAH!!! Thats good news.

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    Yes! This is great news! I joined almost entirely for this new part of the site. I thought I'd help by telling everyone about Toad's Tool 64 and the Goldeneye Setup Editor.

    I don't know if this'll help or not, but there's a website called Nintendo 64 Tech ( that, well, covers the techy parts of the N64. It has the patents, information about development consoles, etc. It's very interesting.

    But I think it's really important that this section gets made. There's a lot of great N64 editors, tools, and information hidden at various places around the web, and hopefully now it will be compiled into one place where lots of people will get to see it. I've wanted this to happen for a long time.

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