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    Lightbulb M3 / SNES Emulator / Flashing /

    Disclaimer*I paid full price for my DS and all of my DS games. I 100% support Nintendo and proudly pay for every game i play so Nintendo can profit and keep creating wonderful gaming consoles/ Games*

    I just bought my first DS lite and am stoked about customizing it.

    Ive tackled the PSP running homebrew, VNC, and S/NES emulators playing classic now free (10 year copyright) games.

    Now i'm up for the challenge of the DS.

    Ive seen a lot of cool stuff on these forums and others.

    Ive read the debates between the M3 and the R4.

    Ive Decided to go with the M3.

    Now that I have made my decision i want to clarify that my reasoning is correct.

    Based off of my research the M3:

    Can have NES and SNES emulators and play older right free (10 year copyright) games.

    Plays Mp3, jpg, and video (DPG)

    Has Moonshell

    Can play backed up DS Games *NOTE (I DO NOT SUPPORT ROMS, I just want to be able to load multiple backups of my OWNED DS games on one microSD card so i don't have to tote around all of my games)

    runs homebrew

    Has a customizable GUI.

    Will get rid of the Health Warning (or does this require a flashing method)

    Will allow the ability for me to shut the screen and have the game be in a frozen state and then resume with i open it again.


    If i have missed any cool features please fill me in.

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    For one thing, copyright lasts much longer than 10 years, so I don't know where you got your information. However, we can probably still help you with SNES stuff; it's the DS piracy we cannot discuss. This includes "backups" of owned games, sorry.

    Also, there are several products with the "M3" name. I'm assuming you mean the slot-1 M3 Simply, which is actually the exact same thing as the R4 but with a different sticker and slightly different firmware. If one's cheaper than the other, get it.

    You can use NES DS and SNEmulDS to play nearly all NES games and a large percentage of SNES games, but keep in mind that SNES emulation is not nearly as good as it is on the PSP.

    Moonshell does indeed come with the product and can play mp3 files, view text and image files, and converted DPG movie files. Upgrade to the latest firmware in order to use the latest DPG converters (old firmware was based off of Moonshell 1.6 which only worked with DPGTools 12 and below, while the latest Moonshell 1.71 uses DPGTools 13).

    The health and safety warning screen can only be removed through the use of FlashMe if I'm not mistaken.

    Your last point is sleep mode, which should work fine.

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