Despite announcing that Team Xecuter will seize all modchip activity, they have announced that MrModchips is carrying the Team Xecuter WiiFree Kit. Price starts at 9.99 but the more your buy in bulk, the lower price of each will be.

The WiiFree Kit is a professionally mabe cable and install kit which makes updating WiiFree and yaosm a lot easier. One small PCB with PIC 12F629/675 socket and WiiFree supported LEDs to be mounted externally on the Wii console cover, while the second PCB is installed in the Wii DVD drive by soldering. The boards are connected via the included flat cable.


  • PIC 12F629/675 socket
  • Pic 12F629 Included (Blank)
  • LEDs supported by WiiFree and yaosm
  • Thin PCB for easy installation
  • Flex cable connectors
  • Flat cable included
  • Tri-Wing Screw Driver Included
Source: MrModchips