Playing as a sorcerer, users of the RunicSorcerer game will have the unique opportunity to strategize while enjoy innovative and technologically advanced 3D real-time graphics and rich special effects. The game, created by Geneva-based independent development company Plexus Games, focuses on challenging battles between sorcerers.

RunicSorcerer is available for iPad now, and the developers are in the midst of working on a version for the iPhone.

RunicSorcerer not only offers players the high-impact visuals that come with an in-house developed 3D graphic engine, but also the opportunity to play 20 different missions, 33 different spells, 23 unique maps, and three different skill levels.

The solo campaign version of the game offers adventurous twists and turns, while the multiplayer option provides for playing against others on the internet, or amongst friends.

“I’m so excited by this launch of RunicSorcerer, because I really feel like it combines all of the elements game fans are looking for, and not able to find with mobile games,” said Yves Schmid Dornbierer from PlexusGames. “We took the time to ensure every element of the game is perfect, from the level of strategy required, to the sound, the graphics and even the dialogue, and the final product is really a testament to our dedicate to approach game development from a holistic standpoint. ”

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