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Thread: iPhoneDoom - Doom Port to Iphone Released

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    ipod iPhoneDoom - Doom Port to Iphone Released

    Stepwhite has released a port of Doom to the iPhone, heres the full release info:

    Native Port of Doom to the iPhone

    Thought the NES emulator was useless/stupid? Just wait until you see this.

    There is no controller support yet, so you really can't do anything except watch the demo scenes. If you have great (or marginal, or frankly any) ideas on how to implement a controller, feel free to add a comment to the ControllerIdeas wiki page.

    No audio yet (of course).

    Otherwise, it works wonderfully

    WAD files go in /var/root/Media/Doom . If the app quits immediately after launch, there was probably an issue with the wad file. If you're using the shareware wad, make sure it's named doom1.wad . If that doesn't help, execute the app from the shell so you can see the printf()s.

    Mandatory screenshot:

    This was done mostly because I promised a good friend in Ireland that I would port it, on the condition I didn't have to implement any controls initially. And then, and others mentioned the need for Doom.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    So, when the hell did all the iphone brew come in?

    I remember the nes emu, then a frigging hoard arises.

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    well, easy to suggest... dont know how you do it.
    see screenshot attached.

    dpad movement with left thumb.
    right thumb free to do following:
    1 & 2 = cycle weapons (it was good enough for the PSX version!)
    3 = activate/ open
    4 = shoot
    Strafe = tilt the iPhone left or right!
    Run = tilt the iPhone forwards!

    I think that covers everything.
    looking forward to playing it! how long will that take you to implement?
    I am happy to draw the buttons for you - using a mixture of the original sprites :-D

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