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    NDS Planets

    News/release from Goose:

    This is something I've been working on. It based on an internet flash game Cosmic Crush. It's only the basics so far but basically the gist is you have to crash your planet into small or equal sized planets to increase yours while avoiding larger ones. This is the first games I've ever tried writing (not just on the DS). I have lots of ideas/things to add including:

    * Gravitational pull of planets (major affect in CC)
    * Score
    * Proper menu
    * Possible user defined settings (number of planets, universe size etc)
    * Possible stylus control moving games screen to top (not sure it would add to the game)
    * Add mini map on other screen
    * Load sprites only when required on screen allowing far more planets in the universe

    While coding it I realised it could be the basis for a asteroids style game etc so maybe once this is done I'll have a go. I've included a copy of the source code in case anyone has any tips or wants to have a look.

    I've only been able to test the .nds version of the build files.

    From a coding point of view does the DS support classes/oop and does it support standard c/c++ libraries or just functions in palib?

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    Sounds like a good concept!

    thanks, i'll test it soon.

    good luck in future development!

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