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Thread: Review: Dragon Wireless Sensor Bar

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    Rev Review: Dragon Wireless Sensor Bar

    Dragon Wireless Sensor Bar
    Manufacturer: Dragon
    Price: $14.95

    Overview : Play your Wii in total freedom without that messy (and fragile) sensor bar cable with Dragon wireless sensor bar. With a range of 5 meters to the Wii console and 5 meters to the Wiimote, you can set up your playing area as you wish.

    • Can be placed anywhere
    • High quality and efficient
    • Wireless function and easy to set up
    • 5 meters operating range to Wii console
    • 5 meters operating range to Wiimote controller
    • Requires 6 pieces of alkaline dry AA batteries (72 hours of continuous play time)
    • Compatible with any Wiimote

    Quality/Usability : Well known 3rd party peripheral manufacturer, Dragon, has released their own version of the wireless sensor bar. The wireless sensor bar has the style and look of the Nintendo Wii and the sensor bar. With the style and look, comes size.

    The size of the wireless sensor bar is HUGE. With the Nintendo Wii placed on the stand that came with the Wii and standing up, the sensor bar is as wide as the Wii and is even taller than the Wii. Compared to the original sensor bar that came with the Wii? With the sensor bar laying flat, its takes about four original sensor bars stacked on top of each other to be the same height as the Dragon Wireless Bar. It takes about two sensor bars back to back to be the same depth as the wireless sensor bar.

    On the front of the wireless sensor bar is a button that looks similar to that of the Nintendo Wii. This powers on and off the sensor bar. Next to it is an LED to let you know if the sensor bar is on or off. To power this monstrous peripheral takes 6...yes, SIX!!! AA batteries. The batteries are placed on the back of the sensor bar.

    The batteries lasted about two weeks depending on how much and how long it was used. This may vary either less or more depending on the usage. So the more you use the wireless sensor bar, the more the battery will be drained. The opposite is said if it was used less.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Dragon Wireless Sensor Bar is just way too big. It lasts a decent amount of time but thats because it uses 6 AA batteries. It would cost you a lot of money if using regular alkaline batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries but majority of chargers can charge up to 4 batteries at one time.

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    Why does everyone hate the original, in my opinion it is the best, until it breaks or something, I am not gonna buy a new one...waste of money...

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