# Shipping and Availability of Units
A fulfillment company was approached to deal with shipments in order to speed up the delivery process. However, due to their unfitness in handling the task, we now severed ties with them and are back to shipping the units ourselves.
We are in the process of obtaining exact shipment details/numbers of the units handled by the fulfillment company and will inform you about the accurate number of devices shipped so far, when the details are available to us. We want to stress out that the delivery process has never stopped and the units continue to ship.
# Quick Start Guide
For all of you who have received the units, the development team prepared a Quick Start Guide that will help you go through the basic steps of GCW Zero usage. It is meant as an online equivalent of a printed manual, which we are unable to include in the box due to the constantly evolving nature of the device (software side of the project is under development and a lot changes with every new firmware update).
You can find the Quick Start Guide under the following location:
# Software Porting Guidelines
With an increasing number of people receiving units, we have already started to see third party software releases for the GCW Zero. Motivated by this, the development team prepared Software Porting Guidelines. This document dictates criteria required in order for a port to be accepted into our official repository.
You can take a look at it at the following link:
# Griffon Legend, A Retro Inspired Action RPG

The GCW Zero has received an exclusive reimplementation of "The Griffon Legend" (released in 2005) from FreeBasic to C by Dmitry Smagin.
The game, an action RPG, features an original storyline and is inspired by the 16-bit style RPGs of the SNES/GENESIS era. It was originally written by Daniel "Syn9" Kennedy in FreeBASIC, with sound by David Turner and was limited to a Windows release.
With the help of Dmitry Smagin the game is now featured on the GCW Zero for the first time ever. Griffon Legend can be freely downloaded from the GCW software repository and will be preinstalled on new units.