PeterM has posted some news today about his work on both Cave Story and Quake for the Gamecube/Nintendo Wii.

Heres his newspost:

Phew, looks like Quake GameCube was pretty popular. As of now, itís been downloaded 362 times. Who knew there were so many GameCube homebrew fans!

Thereís all kinds of discussion going on about it on various forums and as much as Iíd like to respond to all the queries, all those forums are just way too much to keep up with. So what Iíll do is cover the main points here.

Some folks have quite reasonably supposed that there wonít be any more GameCube homebrew from me because my Wii isnít capable of running SD Media Launcher any more. The good news is that I do my development using a regular purple GameCube connected to my PC via a TV card. I think I would go insane if I were using the Wii as my main development console. It takes so long to start up and get into GameCube mode!

I really should have put a new post up here when I released Quake, as many sites have copied and pasted my last Quake post into their news items.

Additionally, I really should have put up a screenshot. Many sites used screenshots from GLQuake or highly modified Quake engines to illustrate their news posts, which is a shame because the shots they used donít represent what the GameCube port looks like.

In terms of gameplay, some people donít like the way the view centres itself vertically if you start moving. I think this is a Quake feature rather than a GameCube port feature and there should be something useful (ĒlookspringĒ?) in the options screen if you want to disable it. I like it on, so I never thought about it.

Itís unlikely that Iíll be doing any updates on Quake soon, mostly because Iím getting stuck into a new project at work and annoying network card issues have caused me to lose some schedule time, but partly because Iím pretty happy with Quake and there donít seem to be any glaring issues that need fixed ASAP. Thatís a first!

Anyway, Iím glad people seem to like the port and hopefully thereíll be something else for you in the coming months.

As I was concentrating on Quake, the GameCube ports of SDL or Cave Story havenít really progressed much since I wrote about them last.

Simon Parzer has been working on the SDL port of Cave Story. Heís been doing a great job implementing a mixer for sound effects and music. Weíre sharing the same Subversion repository so he can port to Linux and GP2X while I port to GameCube.

The GameCube port of SDL is going okay. The only problem I see is with the audio system. SDL wonít convert audio properly when the frequency change isnít a power of two. Unfortunately the GameCube plays only 32KHz and 48KHz audio, which isnít very common, and SDL wonít convert correctly between those frequencies and the usual suspects like 11KHz, 22KHz or 44KHz. This is due to be fixed in SDL 1.3, but until then Iíll need to write an on-the-fly rate conversion routine.

After I get back on schedule with work Iíll pick up SDL again. I hope once SDL is released that the flood gates will open for loads more GameCube ports. The scene seems a bit bare. I think the recent GameCube homebrew contest at DCemu only had one entrant!

SDL for the Gamecube/Wii would open the doors to much more homebrew for the systems, personally i cant wait to see it happen