Twitter user @Moonlightswami has posted impressions on the Xbox One after claiming to receive his console early from Target, Engadget reports.

Moonlight Swami claimed that in its current state, the Xbox One takes 17 seconds to reach its dashboard during boot up. A 500 MB update was allegedly present after the console was booted for the first time, which could be the day one download that's required to use the system. Moonlight Swami stated he was also able to begin playing games once they were 50 percent installed onto the console's hard drive.

The Xbox One Marketplace seems to be partially stocked, as well - Moonlight Swami tweeted supposed screenshots of the marketplace detailing the download size for various games. The photos suggest the largest game available is NBA2K14 at 43 GB, with Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailing at 20 GB, Dead Rising 3 at 19 GB and LocoCycle at 13 GB. Moonlight Swami also installed Call of Duty: Ghosts from a retail disc, which he claims requires 39 GB of hard drive space.

Moonlight Swami's tweets offer a glimpse at a supposed dashboard section for "featured challenges," which seem to be time-specific tasks for individual games. The involved picture shows things like playing a game of football within two weeks of Madden NFL 25's launch, or earning 5 million SP during a certain period in Need for Speed Rivals.

The early impressions party stopped once Microsoft banned the console, but Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has reached out to Moonlight Swami for information and to get the scenario "sorted out."

Update: In a NeoGAF thread related to the incident, Major Nelson has statedthat Moonlight Swami's console "will not be permabanned, that is for sure." Kotaku is also reporting that a Target representative confirmed the shipment of a small number of consoles before their street date due to a "systems error."